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Cool Classes - May 2022


May’s featured Cool Class is BUS 306 Essentials of Supply Chain Management with Dr. Jim Fatzinger.

What’s the "scoop" on the class (what's it about)?

In BUS306, Essentials of Supply Chain Management, we explore the “strategic management of operations and supply chain with the overall objective of global optimization.” What makes the class cool? Our application of the course content to real world, real life settings. If a student enrolls in this course, expect to apply the outcomes to your life and the advancement of your learning – in operations, supply chain, and beyond. For example, when considering the topic of competitive strategy, students should consider their own personal competitive strategy when considering their current position or entering the workforce in the future. When learning about forecasting for example, we consider what things in life we rely on forecasts for, how to evaluate forecast accuracy, and how to plan if a forecast is incorrect.


Why is this class so cool?

Because of how we apply what we learned. Students consider how many corporations we have headquartered in Kentucky, and ultimately, learn first-hand from one executive in the field. For example, this semester we have the Corporate Operations Manager from Kentucky’s own Big * Fans serving as a course facilitator for the duration of the semester. Having graduated from a Kentucky college, the Corporate Operations Manager brings a real-world perspective which complements the evolution of OM since COVID-19 (since the publication of the course text). Further, she serves as an example students can choose to emulate. Students also visit the Lexington Legends facility in the second half of the course where they can compare “lessons learned” from their first facility tour at Big * Fans, their own personal experiences, and even what they may have learned from a supplemental article included beyond the course text. Learning activities might include speaker bingo, an egg drop, or even illustrating the supply chain of a favorite company.


What do the students have to say?

“Having the outside real–life material content was so engaging and really helped to solidify the importance of the content we were learning. Also, the module check lists were very helpful!”

“I find this teaching style to work very well with how I learn and because of this I feel as if I have actually learned about operations management.”

“I was very thankful for the facilitators and enjoyed their positive words of encouragement during the weeks and after every grading of assignments.”

“Clearly explained everything, had everything in order for us to see, overall a great professor.”

“Best professor at EKU!!!”

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